DIY Wearable Tech Shop: Light Up Costume and Fashion Tools

With MakeFashion, we’ve created over 100 wearable tech garments that have walked the runway in 80+ shows. Through our ready-to-wear line Lumen Couture, we’ve pushed the boundaries for durability and comfort. 7+ years of experience has given us the knowledge and suppliers to find the best wearable tech tools, which we’re passing on to you.

DIY LED Fashion and Costume Kit: Flexible Strand Version

Works with a standard USB plug or battery pack. You can either use your own (any USB power bank will work) or purchase ours.

Each kit contains 2.5 meters (25 LEDs) of flexible LED strands, perfect for stitching. The strands plug into two options for controllers: a compact controller that cycles through a variety of colors and light modes, or a remote control. Watch our video below to see a demonstration of both controller types.


Our kit has unique flexible strips, that are specifically designed to be used within wearables. The LEDs are easy to attach to clothing and have evenly-spaced LED pixels suitable for an unlimited variety of designs.


Our wearable tech kit does not require any coding, soldering, or special equipment. All that is required to integrate into clothing is a glue gun or needle and thread, plus your imagination.

Our YouTube channel Lumen Couture offers regularly updated inspirations and step-by-step tutorials for using the kit.


Our kit is compatible with a variety of boards for the more seasoned maker, including arduino and a variety of bluetooth and app-controlled remote controls.

Learn more: watch our video on the kit.

Note: To remain environment-friendly the wearable tech kit does not come with a physical instruction book, instead we have regular videos on YouTube. Check out a sample DIY wearable tech project here.

International (Non-US) Customers: We’ve had some issue with shipping the battery-included version with customs and have had some packages returned to sender. To ensure your package arrives to you quickly, we recommend the battery-included version for US customers only while we troubleshoot the issue.