Wearable Tech Kit Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Here are the questions we get frequently.

1. Can I string more than one kit together?

Yes! You can string multiple kits together for more LEDs, although we don’t recommend more than four at once. More LEDs will decrease your battery life, so if you plan on adding multiple strands we recommend a larger power bank than our default one. If you want to purchase the strands alone without remote controls, head to our accessories page.

2. Can I shorten the LEDs?

Yes! To shorten the LEDs, simply cut at any point you want the strand to end (make sure they are unplugged and turned off first, of course).

3. I’d like to do a bulk order for education or a larger project. Are bulk discounts available?

Yes! We offer discounts on orders of over 10, and can provide shipping discounts if you don’t require individual boxes.

4. Remote Control Kit: If I have two or more kits, how do I know which remote control connects to which?

The remote control is universal and will pair to any device. This means that if you have more than one in the room they will both respond to the same controller. If this is undesirable, we recommend using the compact controller which will not have interference from other kits.

5. Are the kits waterproof?

No: we do not recommend getting the LEDs, batteries, or controllers wet. If they do come in contact with moisture, turn them off immediately and let them fully dry before using again. While we have successfully put powered-off garments without batteries through the washing machine without problems, we can’t guarantee you will have the same results.