Learn how to make things!

I’m a UX/Design manager and the co-founder of MakeFashion, a wearable tech organization bringing high fashion to the runway. I make things, and get a lot of questions on how I make them. I’ve started taking notes and video of all the things I make, and building tutorials on how you can too. Stay tuned for tutorials in wearables, arduino, Raspberry Pi, Fiber Optics, and other DIY projects.


Intro to LED Lighting for Wearables

An overview of different types of LED lighting for wearable tech projects.


Intro to Fiber Optic Lighting for Wearables

The absolute beginner’s guide to getting started with fiber optic lighting for wearables.


Choosing Batteries for Wearables

An overview to the pros and cons of different types of power supply.


Making LEDs Sewable for Wearables

Learn how to make a standard two-prong LED sewable for wearable tech.


Make a Light Up Flower

Make a light up LED flower in this easy DIY project.


Battery Placement for Fashion Tech

Ways to conceal bulky tech and battery components.