Wearable Tech DIY Tutorials

Are you ready to embark on the journey of DIY wearables and FashionTech? Whether for costume, cosplay, nightlife, or festival wear: adding electronics to your clothing is an eye-catching form of self-expression.

I’ve put together my best tutorials for working with LEDs, soft circuits, fiber optics, and batteries for wearables. Stay tuned for more tutorials in wearables, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Stitchkit, Fiber Optics, and other DIY projects. We aim to make the tutorials easy-to-understand, and take away the complexity of unfamiliar tech terms and challenging techniques.

We’ve recently opened our own shop, where we sell products geared towards DIY enthusiasts with a focus on accessibility, affordability, and easy-to-use components.


These tutorials will give you the basic overview of the tools, techniques, and best practices for getting started with wearable tech. Start here if you’re just getting to know the terminology.


Intro to LED Lighting for Wearables

An overview of different types of LED lighting for wearable tech projects.


Intro to Fiber Optic Lighting for Wearables

The absolute beginner’s guide to getting started with fiber optic lighting for wearables.


Choosing Batteries for Wearables

An overview to the pros and cons of different types of power supply.


4 Things to Know Before You Start

Ready to get started? Here’s four things to read up on before you go.

Wearable Technology Techniques

Learn some of the commonly used techniques, as well as things to keep in mind for designing and handling the common challenges and components of FashionTech design.


Making LEDs Sewable for Wearables

Learn how to make a standard two-prong LED sewable for wearable tech.


Battery Placement for Fashion Tech

Ways to conceal bulky tech and battery components.

Other How-Tos and Projects

Learn how to do step-by-step projects for accessories, clothing, and costumes.


Make a Resin LED Crystal

How to use resin with LEDs for wearable tech projects.


Make a Light Up Pizza

Make an LED pizza pin (or any design you want).


Make a Light Up Flower

Make a light up LED flower in this easy DIY project.


25 Min LED Sweater

Super easy light up outfit: no soldering or coding required!


LED Face Mask

Controlled by your phone and sound-responsive.

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About the Author: Chelsea Klukas

In 2013 I co-founded MakeFashion, where we coached and curated design and engineering teams to produce over 100 garments at over 80 shows. I’ve also designed my own projects, including the recently launched Lumen Couture LED fashion line. Through this experience I’ve picked up a few skills, plus how to work with suppliers for electronics that are durable, safe to wear, and easy to work with.